Key Benefits for Internet Retailing

RPS would offer clients several advantages: competitive processing rates; a reduction or elimination of many of the fees that processing banks frequently charge; and better service.

What Is E-commerce? E-commerce is another name for retailing via the internet. E-commerce enables businesses (sometimes called "e-tailers") to sell products and services via their website, using specially-adapted, secure environments that will protect customers' privacy and allow purchases to be made safely and expeditiously. When clients request credit card capabilities for their proposed e-commerce enabled websites, Redstone Payment Solutions-Nationwide (RPSN) can offer a comprehensive capability in helping to establish a merchant account.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Daily manual or auto close with auto report and settlement, with the bank informing you immediately. This will prevent additional processing charges, credits and charge-backs.
  • Better charge-back management
  • Local service with 800# for equipment and statement solutions, rather than a bank's customer service department, which often does not have decision-making authority and is reluctant to answer questions.
  • Deposits are in gross instead of "less the discount." Gross dollars remain until month end when fees are removed only once, making balancing easier.
  • Finally, we have no cancellation penalty. We offer check guarantees and debit card processing as well. There is no re-programming charge of any equipment.

We look forward to working with you and in improving the overall e-commerce services that e-tailers require. We believe that the benefits of a having a service representative who cares about your business can result in a more cost-effective relationship to you and your customers.