The RPS Merchant Account Kit

Ramada, Wayne, NJ, Holiday Inn Express, Edison NJ, and New Balance North Jersey needed to set up merchant accounts. They called Redstone Payment Solutions for a more efficient system that accelerated processing time, reduced costs, and improved customer service.

The Merchant Account Kit contains everything the merchant needs to get established quickly and effectively. The company helps retailers determine requirement, compare offerings, then offers a proposal that optimizes cash flow while protecting the privacy of the consumer.

Merchant Kit Contains:

  • Card application forms for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card
  • Analysis and evaluation of products and services that help you select the right program for your transactions
  • Special e-commerce capability, with real-time processing option
    Integration with current website
  • Integration with overall marketing program

Learn About Some of the Inside Tricks That Others May Not Reveal


High Sale Limit
Based on information you provide, processing banks set a limit on your highest sale amount. This should be taken into consideration when applying.

Address Verification
When the credit card transaction is mid-qualified, (i.e. the card is not present during the transaction, as in mail, telephone, internet, etc.), and the card cannot be read electronically by an authorization terminal but are manually entered, such transactions are adjusted to compensate for the higher security risk. Some merchant banks discourage this sort of business all together; ours do not. AVS is available for merchants who submit their transactions either using authorization software such as PC Authorize or IC Verify or any compatible point-of-sale terminals. By including the cardholder's billing address and zip code (not their home or shipping address), along with the required credit card details, you can verify if the information matches the billing data on file with the issuing bank. The savings using address verification are nearly 25% of the processing fee (discount rate) charged for non-qualified sales.

Business Practices
Other business practices such as your return policy and delivery method can help limit your liability and reduce chargebacks. RPS has the industry expertise to assist you with these decisions.


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