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Who Is Redstone Payment Solutions

Many credit card processing companies are "third party" processors, which are limited in the range of services and pricing, they can provide.

RPS is a direct representative of the worlds largest credit card processor. Because of our direct relationship we are able to offer more competitive pricing.

A qualified RPS representative will show you how much you are really paying for processing fees. Many hidden costs exist that drain cash and diminish your company's performance.

Key Benefits for Internet Retailing

RPS would offer clients several advantages: competitive processing rates; a reduction or elimination of many of the fees that processing banks frequently charge; and better service.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Daily manual or auto close with auto report and settlement, with the bank informing you immediately. This will prevent additional processing charges, credits and charge-backs.
  • Better charge-back management
  • Local service with 800# for equipment and statement solutions, rather than a bank's customer service department, which often does not have decision-making authority and is reluctant to answer questions.
  • Deposits are in gross instead of "less the discount." Gross dollars remain until month end when fees are removed only once, making balancing easier.
  • We offer check guarantees and debit card processing. There is no re-programming charge of any equipment.

We look forward to working with you and in improving the overall e-commerce services that e-tailers require. We believe that the benefits of a having a service representative who cares about your business can result in a more cost-effective relationship to you and your customers.

What Factors Influence Transaction Rate

As you may know, transactions are divided into qualified (i.e. swiped), mid-qualified (non-swiped), and non-qualified (corporate and foreign V/MC).

Swiped transactions have a lower risk, with a lower rate; mid-qualified and non-qualified transactions carry more risk, and, therefore a higher rate. Balancing these risks with the nature of the product or service and the monthly volume of a given client's business are just some of the factors which determine the final purchase rate.

Redstone Payment Solutions

has the Key to Improving Profitability and Customer Service!

Fee Comparison Among Processing Organizations

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How Many Different Rates Are There?

The discount rate is the percentage of the total transaction amount paid to the processor for handling your account.

Rates vary based on the criteria presented below, and will vary from bank to bank depending on the business types they choose to serve. You can also have a non tiered rate if you qualify. This is called Interchange.

  • Qualified Rate
    Card present at the time of transaction. (Retail)
  • Mid–Qualified Rate
    Card Not Present. (Internet, mail, catalog)
  • Non–Qualified Rate
    Corporate or International Card.

Helpful Information About Equipment You Need

How to Select the Right Equipment

Small Home Business
Small home businesses, seasonally operated businesses, trade show or other temporary location businesses don't have to miss profitable credit card sales nor do you have to purchase or lease expensive equipment! With all merchant accounts, you have the ability to transmit your transaction with any available touch tone phone to obtain authorization and automatically deposit funds. A higher per transaction charge applies using this transmission method. It is appropriate for small business only and allows for no record keeping. All banks do not allow for this type of processing.

Processing Equipment
Many banks have proprietary equipment or software they require you to use with their system. All our processing banks support a variety of equipment and software brands, including most major manufacturers. Software and terminals such as PC Charge, IC Verify, Hypercom and Verifone are only a few. Available hardware is either new or refurbished. Our company does not sell refurbished as new! Hardware and software warranties vary per manufacturer.

Equipment for 2 Merchant Accounts
If you desire 2 or more separate merchant accounts to handle different product offerings, or two separate businesses, you don't need duplicate equipment. The Verifone VX-570 is one terminal that serves two separate merchant accounts even if the deposit accounts are in different banks.

Buy, Lease, Rent
Your options for obtaining equipment include purchase, lease, purchase buyout at the end of the lease, or rent–to–own. Each provide specific benefits to meet your needs. Your lease term should not exceed the warranty period, unless you are willing to accept potential service charges late in your lease.

Processor Switching - No Penalty
Many processing banks will penalize you for switching processors during the term of your equipment lease. This is typically a task that can be handled rapidly and should incur no additional charges.

The RPS Merchant Account Kit

Super 8 Hotel and Best Western Hotel in Morris, IL, and the Ramada In Greensboro, NC and New Balance of North Jersey needed to set up merchant accounts. They called Redstone Payment Solutions for a more efficient system that accelerated processing time, reduced costs, and improved customer service.

The Merchant Account Kit contains everything the merchant needs to get established quickly and effectively. The company helps retailers determine requirement, compare offerings, then offers a proposal that optimizes cash flow while protecting the privacy of the consumer.

Merchant Kit Contains:

  • Card application forms for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card
  • Analysis and evaluation of products and services that help you select the right program for your transactions
  • Special e-commerce capability, with real-time processing option
    Integration with current website
  • Integration with overall marketing program

Learn About Some of the Inside Tricks That Others May Not Reveal


High Sale Limit
Based on information you provide, processing banks set a limit on your highest sale amount. This should be taken into consideration when applying.

Address Verification
When the credit card transaction is mid-qualified, (i.e. the card is not present during the transaction, as in mail, telephone, internet, etc.), and the card cannot be read electronically by an authorization terminal but are manually entered, such transactions are adjusted to compensate for the higher security risk. Some merchant banks discourage this sort of business all together; ours do not. AVS is available for merchants who submit their transactions either using authorization software such as PC Authorize or IC Verify or any compatible point-of-sale terminals. By including the cardholder's billing address and zip code (not their home or shipping address), along with the required credit card details, you can verify if the information matches the billing data on file with the issuing bank. The savings using address verification are nearly 25% of the processing fee (discount rate) charged for non-qualified sales.

Business Practices
Other business practices such as your return policy and delivery method can help limit your liability and reduce chargebacks. RPS has the industry expertise to assist you with these decisions.


Obtain Merchant Account Kit and Application...

Au'-dit n. [Latin auditus, a hearing].

Request Free Audit and Rate Quote

1. Evaluation of one's financial statement inorder to determine whether any irregularities or inefficiencies exist that could impede the flow of cash from the customer to the merchant.
2. Careful examination of a merchant's method for processing credit and debit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover), to reveal systems or techniques which siphon cash flow into unnecessary fees that strengthen the bank and not the merchant.
3. Investigation of transaction costs that diminish a merchant's retail cash stream, in order to recommend alternative methods for handling customer needs while optimizing cash flow.